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One Land for All, Now: New Initiatives for Jewish-Palestinian Co-Existence

Public Talk with Rula Hardal and Avner Dinur with following discussion. The talk will be in english.
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What hope is there today for peace between Israelis and Palestinians tomorrow?
The current war in Israel and Palestine makes Jewish-Palestinian co-existence in this conflicted land seem more hopeless than ever before. Violence and destruction dominate the news. Yet, on the ground various initiatives insist that living together is the only acceptable future – and they are looking for ways to get there, together.

Rula Hardal is the Palestinian Co-CEO of “Two States, One Homeland”, a group that offers a new vision for Palestinian-Israeli
peace based on the principle of a shared homeland.

Avner Dinur is a founding member of “All Its Citizens”, a new political party that brings together Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel for
creating a new politics of equality, liberal democracy and justice.

Rula Hardal and Avner Dinur will present their respective initiatives, the new horizons of co-existence that they wish to open up and the new roads of cooperation that they try to pave.

No registration needed, Free entrance, donations are welcome!

This event is organised in cooperation with FAB e.V., NFANT e.V., Bündnis für Asyl, Menschenwürde, Asyl, und Verantwortung



25 Jan 2024




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